WebPilot GPTs Interface Service Privacy Policy

Effective Date: December 1, 2023


Welcome to the WebPilot GPTs Interface Service. This privacy policy is intended for users of the WebPilot GPTs Interface Service. WebPilot Inc., with offices at 2435 N Central Expy Suite 1200, Richardson, TX 75080, is committed to protecting the data and ensuring the privacy of users interacting with our services.

Data Handling Practices

Authentication: GPTs are authenticated through their respective platforms. No personal data from the GPTs or the authentication process is stored by WebPilot Inc.

Data Collection: No personal information is actively gathered from GPTs. Interaction data, such as selected text, generated interactions, and content created through the WebPilot.ai platform, is collected purely to process user inquiries and to improve service performance.

Data Storage: Collected data is securely stored within the United States, emphasizing data security and privacy integrity.

Content Generation and Rights

Content Creation: The WebPilot GPTs Service includes a feature for content generation. WebPilot will generate long-form content based on user requests, which is public and can be accessed via a provided URL on WebPilot.ai.

Anonymity and Access: The content is created through a process initiated by users via GPTs. Due to this process, WebPilot is unable to obtain specific user information and cannot ascertain the exact ownership of the generated content.

Rights and Distribution: Given the anonymous nature of content creation and the inability to attribute specific ownership, the generated content is considered to be in the public domain. WebPilot retains the rights to use, distribute, and repurpose the content. However, WebPilot acknowledges that the content is generated based on user input and will endeavor to respect the spirit of user contributions in its use of such content.

Data Sharing

Processing Requests: When GPTs initiate requests to WebPilot servers, these may be forwarded to OpenAI, Microsoft, or subsequent AI service providers. Data sharing is confined to the content provided by the GPTs, ChatGPT, and their generated queries.

Policy Modifications

WebPilot Inc. may modify this privacy policy to reflect updates in our data handling procedures or due to changes in legal, operational, or regulatory directives, without necessarily providing additional notice.